Updated website + 2 new jobs

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After a couple of weeks enduring technical problems, the website is finally up and running again, hooray! In addition, some events have been appended to the website. To check out the upcoming events, go to the event page. Including other, exciting news; Roel van der Zande started working as a trumpet teacher at Muziekcentrum Forte in Nieuw-Lekkerland. On top of that, from the end of November till the beginning of July, van der Zande will be working with Stage Entertainment to play the musical Ciske de Rat by Joop van den Ende. To find out more about this show and/or book tickets, click here.

Musical Grand Hotel

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From the 10th of March untill the 13th of March Roel van der Zande will be playing in the musical Grand Hotel in Utrecht with the musical group Starlight Boulevard. To find out more about these shows, check the event page. To order tickets for these shows click here.

Christmas concerts and radio recording

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Next week Roel van der Zande will be performing in a few christmas concerts. To find out more about these concerts, go to the event page, or click here. Roel van der Zande will also be doing a studio recording with a horn section for Radio 2 with Roel van der Zande on lead trumpet. The recording will consist of a couple of jingles that will be used by Radio 2.